Raúl's Video Reel
Some projects, exhibitions and interview of Raúl's work.

Mort Subite Cardioprints by Raúl

  German version
   Running Time: 7:43 min
  Color / Sound
   Auszug aus dem Essay "Plötzlicher Tod oder der Spartanische Pfad"
   Adrián Rodríguez Morales -- AdriáNomada. (Doktor der Ästhetik an der Sorbonne-Universität, Paris)

Mort Subite Cardioprints de Raúl

  Spanish version
   Running Time: 6:45 min
  Color / Sound
   Extracto del ensayo de "Muerte Súbita o la Senda Espartana."
   Adrián Rodríguez Morales -- AdriáNomada. (Doctor en Estética de la Universidad de la Sorbonne, Paris.)

Mort Subite Cardioprints de Raúl

  French version
   Running Time: 6:46 min
  Color / Sound
   Extrait de l'essai de « Mort Subite ou le Sentier Spartiate »
   Adrián Rodríguez Morales -- AdriáNomada. (Docteur en Esthétique à l'Université de la Sorbonne, Paris.)

Miscellaneous Expo by Raúl

   Running Time: 2:45 min
  Color / Sound
   Exhibition by Raúl at "Galerie Dalmau"
An art collection from 2004 to 2011
Tübingen 2011 Germany

Raul :  MMI - MMX

   Running Time: 8:39 min
  Color / Sound
   Some exhibitions of the mexican artist Raúl From 2001 to 2010
in Mexico - Spain, USA, Japan, Fance, Italy and Germany.
Music: Exodo by Adrián Nómada

Cracked Nomad Tibia by Raúl

   Running Time: 1:38 min
  Color / Sound
   A print & video project based on computer tomography data of Raul's left knee.
After accident in Stuttgart, Germany. Dec. 10th 2012

Menschenspuren Expo by Raúl

   Running Time: 2:02 min
  Color / Sound
   Exhibition by Raúl at "Frankfurter Künstlerclub"
Art Objects & Painting by Raúl López García
Frankfurt 2016 Germany

You were here Artwork by Raúl

   Running Time: 0:43 min
  Color / Sound
   Artwork by Raúl at the Museo Nazionale Romano
Archaelogy & Me
Rome 2016 Italy